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Land required. Message required. Topic required Products Dealers Service Miscellaneous. Hereby you agree to our privacy terms. Love my new charge 4. Powerfull sound and extreme bass from relative small speaker.

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Date published: Great sound, loud, bassy when put in the right place and waterproof! Love it! Rated 5 out of 5 by Brianhjr88 from love it sounds good, long battery, and its tuff as advertised Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by pgood1 from Solid unit!!! I have the Charge 2 plus and the Charge Is there any way to stop that sound it makes when we switch it on? Think in a customer's point of view, you are in the middle of the class and you pass it to your friend then he accidently pressed the power button??

rainbow DSP.

Then boom that loud sound Use the JBL app there is an option to have that sound on or off. Answered by: bonezbag1. Simple question dont twist it, is the charge 4 louder then the charge 3. Answered by: eddis. Is this an upgrade from the Flip 4? Should I get the Charge 4? If they ever release the Xtreme 2 in Red, Void this question, I buy instantly :. The Charge 4 is an upgrade from the Charge 3. Answered by: Mario at Customer service. Can you hear the sound from the charge 4 to the right because of the single driver?

You only hear audio coming from the right if your about a foot away from the speaker. Otherwise you can't tell. Answered by: Audioguy Can charge 4 connect with charge 3? Yes it can they both have connect plus as long as you updated the charge 3 Answered by: Sterfry. Can this be blue toothed to an Echo Plus. Yes it can be. Answered by: Radfern. I have a jbl pulse 3. Should I upgrade to the charge 4???

I wouldn't. I dont think its worth it unless you want better battery life and slightly better low end. Personally I have the Pulse 3 and Flip 4 and use them in party mode. The two speakers sound really good together when playing them together. Answered by: Whatsanickname. Do you wish to continue? Yes No.

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